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If you've made it this deep into my website it's only polite to introduce myself and tell you about this site.

Previously, I used this site primarily to present my artwork and academic endeavors. That content is still here, but can now be found in this archive. See menu to the left, which includes bodies of work I have made over the years (portfolios), details of my teaching history (teaching philosophy, examples of student artwork, and samples of some of the classes I have taught), and the small bit of writing I've had published and published about my work.

As that all implies, I am a former educator and artist. After about 12 years in academia  Juan & I decided it was time to move to Medellín, Colombia (his birthplace). We've been here since 2015 doing this and that. I started a business during this period (see above: DMG Projects Ltd.). We now live in a small town outside the city and have been under strict quaratine because of COVID-19 for 5 months in two days.

I aim to use this space (the Always Already blog) regulalry. Part of this site re-launch is to utilize it more and social media less. Topics and type of content will range, I suspect. Have a look around and check back now and then. If you're so moved, you can reach out via the form below or various social media platforms. Thanks for coming!


-David, August 19, 2020 (Quaratine Day 151)

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