If you've made it this deep into my website it's only polite to introduce myself and tell you about this site.

Previously, I used this site primarily to present my artwork and academic endeavors. Those pursuits are not currently a primary focus for me -- I am not seeking academic positions nor am I an exhibiting artist. That content is still here, but can now be found in this archive. See menu to the left, which included bodies of work I have made over the years (portfolios), details of my teaching history (teaching philosophy, examples of student artwork, and samples of some of the classes I have taught), and the small bit of writing I've had published and published about my work.

As that all implies, I am a former educator and artist. After about 12 years in academia and no jobs or great exhibition opportunities on the horizon, Juan & I moved to Medellín, Colombia (his birthplace). We've been here since 2015 doing this and that. I started a business during this period (see above: DMG Projects Ltd.). We now live in a small town outside the city and have been under strict quaratine because of COVID-19 for 5 months in two days.

I aim to use this space (the Always Already blog) regulalry. Part of this site re-launch is to utilize it more and social media less. Topics and type of content will range, I suspect. Have a look around and check back now and then. If you're so moved, you can reach out via the form below or various social media platforms.


-David, August 19, 2020 (Quaratine Day 151)