The work produced during this period is a bit of an anomaly; it exemplifies a return to basics, in a sense, in order to re-connect to that original urge to create. The focus here was to respond to materials within the context of a difficult time; the work here illustrates a re-commitment to the process and an attempt to maintain a practice in the midst of myriad distractions.

The work in Legal Tender responds to the financial crisis of 2008. Each painting in the series carries a dollar figure that corresponds to the number of (unmixed tube) colors in the painting in relation to the number of square-inches in that painting.

The work in the Destruction & Decay series examines how fundamental materials (in this case, the physical structure upon which the painting exists) degrades. Some of the paintings are on surfaces that are naturally deformed and warped due to changing climactic conditions; other paintings in the series are more actively deformed; in particular, after the paintings were created, they were then shot with various firearms including a .347 revolver and a .44 caliber magnum.


The images to the right include a selection of work from this period in addition of other studio experiments and studies.