Joanna E Ziegler


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Scholarly work
Practicing Catholic

editors: Joanna Ziegler, Bruce Morrill, Susan Rodgers ​ This book brings together top scholars from various backgrounds to explore methodologies for studying ritual and Catholicism. The essays focus on particular aspects of ritual within Catholic practice, such as liturgy and performance and healing rituals.

Practicing Mortality

by Joanna E Ziegler & Christopher Dustin ​ A collaborative undertaking between an art historian and a philosopher, this monograph attempts to deepen our understanding of 'contemplative seeing' by addressing the works of Plato, Thoreau, Heidegger, and more. The authors explore what it means to 'see' reality and contemplate how viewing reality philosophically and artfully is a form of spirituality.

Performance & Transformation

editors: Joanna Ziegler & Mary Suydam ​ Performance and Transformation is a volume of essays that pushes the frontiers of interpretation on mystical and ecstatic writings of the later Middle Ages to explore them as particular performances. The noteworthy contributors examine mysticism and spirituality from multiple performance perspectives: dramatic, kinesthetic, linguistic, and spatial.

Sculpture of Compassion

Sculpture of Compassion: The Pieta & the Beguines in the southern Low Countries, c.1300-c.1600 by Joanna E Ziegler