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Feeling a bit homesick

I’ve been here in Medellín for nearly 3-months now. (In fact, I must get my tourist visa extended since my spousal TP-10 visa won’t be ready by the time my current one expires.) There have been many up-and-downs — the ups have been wondrous, inspiring,…, the down have been less extreme — mainly daily, banal frustrations and of course, the language barrier. I admittedly haven’t been studying as vigorously as I could be.

But for today, my husband and I are in a bit of a funk (going on day 2). We live in a small apartment (1 bedroom and then the main space with an exposed kitchen and off to the side the laundry area. The saving grave is 2 bathrooms!) so if we aren’t in sync, we tend to stew. If we were back in NYC, for example, there would be plenty of places I could go and feel comfortably at home with myself and my surroundings. I don’t yet have that here. Every outing is an adventure, an exploration, which is great. But sometimes a little quiet solitude in a place that feels of home is good medicine (certainly healthier than a few shots of rum–not that a bit of rum wouldn’t be a nice accompaniment to the calming feeling of home).

In looking at the horrifying news, nearly worldwide it seems, I found myself wanting to go through my Lightroom catalog to find scanned photo from my time in Belgium–Brussels, specifically considering the current lockdown they are facing. Alas, I cannot find them, but in the process I have come across myriad images reminding my of times and people past. So I shall harness my homesickness, hunt down my missing photos and integrate them into my current catalog –something I had meant to complete before leaving the States.

More on the view from down here admidst all of the political and violent chaos up north and east soon…






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