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Habits of re-seeing

Before leaving Colombia for New York, back in late-May and early-June, I took some time to flip through the one portfolio box of prints I brought with me back in 2015 when we first moved. I'm now getting ready for my return trip to Colombia and reflecting on that work-- reconsidering it with the benefit of time.

I've always loved this piece, but haven't been able to see where it fits. Perhaps is it its own stand-alone work.

Untitled (Hand to Mouth, After Bruce Nauman)

And I've had this video piece in my head for years and I've finally tested it out. I can see many variation. It's of a theme in my work-- push/pull and attraction/repulsion.

And then there is this body of work, Habit of Seeing. (You can see some of it better documented in the Archive.)

I have a ton of prints, some done, some just waiting to get painted on:

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