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Menu planning, weekend of Oct. 17th

It's Friday afternoon and I'm ready for the weekend. When planning what we'll be eating, I think first if there is anyting in partiulcar I'd like to make and/or eat, when I'd like to have it, and then build out from there. Also of top consideration is what ingredients I already have on hand. Our fridge is very small and is always jam packed so I need to be mindful of what's in there so nothing goes bad or otherwise to waste.

First decision: Sunday supper will be Ajiaco, the famous soup/stew from Bogotá composed of chicken, three varieties of potatoes, corn on the cob and guascas, finsihed with a drizzle of cream, capers, and cilantro.

I made fresh ricotta cheese this morning, so something with that.

I ordered some Italian sausage that I'd like to use from a newly discovered source of Italian delicacies in Medellín. ( They have lots of hard-to-find items including guanciale, pancetta, and other cured meats, Pecorino, some nice wines, etc. In fact, I think that will be dinner tonight. Grill sausages sandwiches with peppers and onions -- just picked up a fresh ciabatta that will be perfect for that.

Saturday for lunch, I'm thinking rigatoni with a quick cherry tomato sauce and burrata (also from Gastronomía Mazzarrino).

Dinner: Ricotta gnocchi in brown butter with sage (from my container heb garden).

For breakfast, along with the ciabatta, I also picked up a couple of croissants, so B.E.C. it is!

Almost there; let's review.

Friday dinner: Sausage & peppers sandwich on ciabatta

Saturday breakfast: Bacon, egg, and cheese on croissant

Saturday lunch: Rigatoni with cherry tomatoes and burrata

Saturday dinner: Ricotta gnocchi with brown butter and sage (with a salad of some kind)

Sunday breakfast: TBD

Sunday lunch: Roast beef (by Verve Sano) on a baguette with homemade mayonaise, tomatoes, lettuce, red onion, maybe some cheese.

Sunday supper: Ajiaco

Saturday may be a bit cheese heavy, so I may reconsider...

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