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  • David Gyscek

Shooting from horseback is hard

This was my third time on horseback. The first two were little 20-minutes jaunts outside Parque Arvi. For this ride, Juan & I (and excellent guide, Carlos) rode for 2-hours through back paths and roads and along the flood plane of and through Río Tonusco in Santa Fe de Antioquia.

With my bulky (and outdated) Canon 50D strapped around my neck and shoulder, we set off.


  1. Need a smaller and more versatile camera for field work

  2. Manual settings are nearly impossible to adjust as a novice rider

  3. Set to shutter priority (using a fast shutter speed)

  4. Strap camera on in a way that avoids bouncing and allows ease of access

  5. Stretch well before riding (not camera related, but an important lesson nonetheless)

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