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Artist statement:

The Effects of Gravity, was conceived of in 2001 in the aftermath of 9/11. It was not until ten-years later however, that the idea began to coalesce. Since then the project has remained in progress and will continue into the foreseeable future. All of the work in this series responds to notions of gravity—both in terms of the literal, physical forces of attraction between objects and in terms of gravity’s implied meanings. The specific subjects of the images range from the mundane to the mysterious. The images imply various narratives as a vehicle for exploring themes of loss and uncertainty, desire and disgust. Through this work, I aim to weave the seriousness—the gravity of our historical moment with the personal through humor, cliché, absurdity, intrigue, and eroticism in an attempt to humanize the inquiry and to allow points of access to the work. This work represents an attempt to think through our mortality—that elementary fact of life that connects us all—visually. In facing these forces, I hope to find moments of transcendence or, at least, imagine the possibility of such.

The Effects of Gravity

2011-2014, ongoing

You May Have Won This Battle
Untitled (Contrails)
Tell My Mother Not to Worry
Untitled (Winter Tree)
American Standard
All Covered with Cheese
5-Minutes Ago is the Same as Never
Untitled (Toad)
Don't Look Back
Jack of Spades (after Chardin)